Zero – zinc: Update on the Danish strategy to replace ZnO

Antibiotic Reduction Expert Series

The upcoming withdrawal of medicinal zinc from piglet diets requires producers to find new, cost-effective ways to support weaning and prevent piglet scours while not increasing the use of antibiotics.  

Dr. Christian Fink Hansen, Director at SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre, shared scientific research and field experiences on how to successfully raise pigs without medical zinc oxide.   

Main topics

  • Main factors for weaning piglets without zinc oxide  
  • Ways to prevent post-weaning diarrhea  
  • Trial results of zinc replacement concepts and nutritional strategies  
  • Danish field experience: common features in no-zinc weaner herds  

Download slides of Part 5


Dr. Christian Fink Hansen
Director at SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre

Christian Fink Hansen has extensive expertise and R&D experience. 

Since 2010 he was u.a . Director of Studies and Professor at the Institute for Farm Animals and Horses of the University of Copenhagen and Head of the Center for Research in Pig Production (CPH Pig).

He gained international experience as a researcher at Murdoch University, School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Perth, Australia.