Sustainable Fish Feeds for Healthier Fish, Food and Seas

Sustainable Nutrition and Health in Mediterranean Aquaculture

With a total of 22 countries and three continents on its shores, the Mediterranean Sea is surely unique. Many recognize this marine resource as a means for greater food security, but overfishing has resulted in 62.5% of capture fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region as being unsustainable, according to the FAO (2020).  

Aquaculture offers a way to protect fisheries while promoting food security and economic development. Consequently, aquaculture has seen considerable growth in recent years.  

The main marine species cultured are European seabass and Gilthead seabream. Countries with ample freshwater resources also have expanded inland, with tilapia and rainbow trout leading the way.  

For continued success, the aquaculture industry must address its growth constraints in a sustainable way, namely through optimum nutrition, ingredient choice and a proactive approach to health and disease. Aquafeed formulation involves decisions that impact fish health, performance, the profitability of production, end product quality for consumers and the environment.

Main Topics

  • Current challenges in aquatic feed development 
  • Adapted feed formulations, sustainable ingredient choice and optimized animal performance 
  • Benefits of high EPA and DHA from Veramaris algal oil in fish feed diets 
  • Practical examples of Veramaris algal oil inclusion for optimal growth and health
Ester Santigosa, PhD
Senior Scientist at DSM

Ms. Ester Santigosa holds a degree in biology and a Ph.D. in Fish Digestive Nutrition from the University of Barcelona (Spain). She then worked at Ifremer (France) on a 2-year post-doc grant to study the omega-3 biosynthetic metabolic pathways in marine fish.  

In 2009, Ester joined DSM as a scientist working on projects related to aquaculture nutrition and health, enzymes and new feed ingredients in aquafeeds. Since 2020 she leads the Global Innovation Aqua team based at the DSM Animal Nutrition & Health Research Center in Village-NeufFrance. 

Piet Verstraete
Founder and CEO of 4Sea Consulting ltd

Mr. Piet Verstraete holds a degree in Bio-Engineering, specialized in Aquaculture and Nutrition, and an International MBA. 

He was managing AQUA Premixes at INVE Aquaculture and later he joined UNIMA group to design their specific feed program.

Since 2005, he is active as a senior consultant and services customers in Turkey, Asia, India and the Indian Ocean.